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23 June 2021

  • From the Junior School

Student Leaders in the Junior School

We believe that every learner has the capacity to lead whether it is offering suggestions of what to do in… Read more

23 June 2021

  • From the Director of Studies ELC-12

Google is not enough

The internet is an immeasurably useful tool for teaching and learning so should we spend lest time teaching… Read more

10 June 2021

  • Community News
  • Early Learning

“Emmaus Eats” - Our ELC Launches Edible Garden

Our ELC inquiry learning focus this term is supported by our question: ‘What do living things need to… Read more

26 May 2021

  • From the Head of Senior School

Forgiving Others, Moving On

Our progress through life means that we will probably be humbled at some point. Read more

12 May 2021

  • From the Head of Junior School South Plympton

A heart-warming affirmation

Mothers are a gift from God and our prayer is that the Lord would bless you abundantly both now and into… Read more

5 May 2021

  • Community News

You can now order uniforms and lunches online with Qkr!™ by Mastercard®

Uniform and Canteen orders can now be made conveniently and securely online the free App Qkr!™ by Mastercard® Read more

28 April 2021

  • From the Executive Principal

Welcome to Term 2

I bid you a warm welcome to the beginning of Term 2 2021. Yesterday was an exciting opportunity for all… Read more

28 April 2021

  • Launch News

Emmaus achieves highest score in SA at OzCLO Nationals

Congratulations to our Year 12 OzCLO Team who received the HIGHEST SCORE of all the SA Teams taking a… Read more

8 April 2021

  • From the Chaplain

God used a tool of death to bring life

Death is final, it is dark, sad and depressing, there is no denying that. Yet the marvel of the Easter… Read more

24 March 2021

  • Leadership Message

The Emmaus Education

From the Director of Studies F-12 Read more

10 March 2021

  • From the Head of Middle School

Rite Journey Departure and Calling Ceremonies

What a privilege it was to meet with Year 9 parents for our recent Rite Journey Departure and Calling… Read more

23 February 2021

  • From the Head of Junior School South Plympton

How important is it for us to be able to make errors?

“There is one skill that will never fall out of fashion – learning. Learning is the only truly future-proof… Read more