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29 June 2022

Things are alive and growing at ELC!

  • Early Learning

Recently, Class 4 enjoyed an excursion to the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. Building on our learning in our Inquiry Unit – ‘What do living things need to thrive and survive?’ we set off to the Botanic Gardens to learn more. We enjoyed a walk through the Aboriginal Plant Trail and learnt about different plants and how Aboriginal people can use these plants to collect water, food and for shelter. As we strolled under the canopy of the cool overhanging foliage, we marvelled at the height of the trees growing around us. After morning tea under the rotunda, we enjoyed a run around on the autumn leaves and the shrieks of joy could be heard as the piles of autumn leaves flew up and around us! We spent our afternoon at the Little Sprouts Garden Kitchen where we investigated worms and how they help our garden. We harvested produce from the garden to take back to ELC to eat and cook and planted our own snow pea seeds to take back to ELC to nurture and grow. We are waiting expectantly until they have grown and are ready to eat. What a beautiful day out enjoying the wonders of God’s creation!

In Week 8 we had a visit from KESAB and had an incursion about worms. Alan taught us more about how to tend to our ELC worm farm and the importance of green waste composting. Our partnership with the West Torrens City Council blessed us once again with the opportunity for our families to take home a green waste caddy, generously donated by the council for families to use at home and extend the sustainable practice of composting green waste that is embedded daily in our ELC food waste practices.

We have also been enjoying taking care of a number of ‘pets’ borrowed from Nature Education Centre, including hopping mice that had babies during their stay with us and an interesting looking axolotl. Learning to care for different animals and have the opportunity to learn more about them has been very exciting. We are continuing to establish our annual ‘Emmaus Eats’ edible garden with the children actively planting and tending to our crops. The future of our planet is alive and well in the hands of our ELC green team!