At Emmaus Christian College, we have a strong focus on the Performing Arts. Students are provided with excellent opportunities to experience the excitement and enjoyment of Music, Drama and Dance. Studying these specialist subjects at senior school level provides students with a variety of extra career paths from which they can choose.

Our vision for our Performing Arts Program is to help our students be discerning in their choices, to develop God-given talents, to equip students to make a positive contribution to the ministry of their church, and to provide opportunities to develop skills for a vocation in these areas or for general interest.


Music lessons form part of the compulsory curriculum from Foundation to Year 8. It is then offered as an elective subject in Years 9 to 12 and can be completed as part of SACE Stages 1 and 2.


Drama values the exploration of all forms of learning, integrating the creative with the physical and the intellectual.

Theatre Productions

The College Musical is a major highlight in our College Calendar. Each year our students have an exciting opportunity to act, dance and sing in front of the College community and wider public.


Through studying Dance at Emmaus, students develop creative, technical, and physical understanding, and an appreciation of dance as an art form.