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15 March 2023

  • Early Learning

The 100 Ways of Learning

Term 1 has provided a platform for endless discoveries within the Emmaus Preschool Class. Our children have… Read more

15 March 2023

  • From the Head of Middle School


Teamwork is something we see in the character of God. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit serving one another… Read more

1 March 2023

  • From the Head of Junior School South Plympton

Twelve Summers

It is so good to have some form of normality back into school life. Being able to mingle with parents at… Read more

15 February 2023

  • From the Head of Senior School

Our narrative as a child of God

This year I plan to have hope. I heartily hope that the spectre of COVID is behind us, however, for all of… Read more

1 February 2023

  • From the Director of Faith Formation and Wellbeing

How are you investing your time?

As I took time to reflect upon last year, and gave thought to what lies ahead, I have been challenged to… Read more

16 December 2022

  • From the Principal

Principal's end of year message 2022

Having recently experienced the personal blessing of visiting the Holy-Land in person, I reflect on the… Read more

30 November 2022

  • From the Head of Junior School Brooklyn Park

Child-like Faith

A couple of weeks ago, I had the joy of being part of the Brooklyn Park Year 2 Sleepover. There was much… Read more

30 November 2022

  • Launch News

FIRST LEGO® League Team Wins Core Values Award

Teams design, build, and program a LEGO® MINDSTORMS® robot, then compete on a themed table-top playing… Read more

16 November 2022

  • From the Head of Middle School

Stronger Together

Isn’t it incredible that the invisible air we breathe also has the strength to cause such damage? The… Read more

14 November 2022

  • College News

ECCO Fundraiser : Christmas Ornaments on Sale Now!

Our Emmaus Christian College Outreach (ECCO) team is selling beautiful wooden Christmas ornaments to raise… Read more

10 November 2022

  • From the Head of Senior School

Peace Beyond

How do we find this peace that Jesus offers us, especially when the pressure hits? A lot of the time, our… Read more

2 November 2022

  • Careers Corner

VET: Tradie Lunch

The first day of Term 4 saw our inaugural Emmaus Tradie Lunch launched. Selected Year 11 and 12 students… Read more