Our 40th Anniversary in our College’s history, is time to take a pause in our journey – to look back on God’s faithfulness to us, and to reflect on how God’s provision has prevailed through every step of our journey. It is equally through the times of challenge and the times of provision that God reveals Himself and His love to us.

40 Years of Faithfulness

"This book is an important marker on our journey as a school community. My thanks go to the many people who have made the vision of this book a reality...

In this historical record, we cannot hope to have captured every detail of our thriving, diverse community. What we can do, though, is look at our collection of memories and life-stories, and highlight the amazing ways that God has revealed Himself to members of our College community over the years. Just as He appeared to the two disciples on the Emmaus Road, Jesus has been revealing Himself to us, warming our hearts and igniting in us a passion for His truth (see Luke 24:13-34).

As you read, reminisce and reflect through these pages, I encourage you to also take time to ask God to inspire your heart and your mind afresh. I’m confident that the astonishing faithfulness of God will continue to be ours now, and for the next 40 years of our College’s life. Our joy and our challenge is to keep humbly journeying with Him, and allow Him to daily inspire us."

Andrew Linke, Principal