Our College was established in 1979 with 29 students and 3 teachers.

Since then God has always met the needs of the College for the benefit of His children and His glory. Our community has grown steadily and in 2021 there are approximately 900 students and 110 staff members.

We have continually sought God to know His vision for the College, and by setting our goals and trusting in Him we have seen His blessings.

Founded in 1979 as Bethesda Christian School

Historic Milestones

1979 - Emmaus Christian College was founded as Bethesda Christian School

1982 - A shared campus arrangement with Vermont High allowed access to a range of specialist facilities. Academic achievements flourished and co-curricular activities expanded.

1984 - The first Year 12 class graduated

1988 - Vermont High closed and Tabor Adelaide, a Christian tertiary institution, purchased the school building and surrounding grounds. Bethesda shared facilities with Tabor Adelaide as both institutions grew and consolidated.

1996 -A major capital grant allowed the school to purchase the property and Tabor Adelaide relocated to Millswood. Each year, with the assistance of grants and support from the Parents and Friends group, the College has carried out an ongoing program of upgrading and refurbishment in order to provide students with access to high quality facilities and technology.

2002 - A change of governance saw oversight of Bethesda transfer to Tabor Adelaide. Eventually, the name of the school changed to Tabor Christian College.

2010 - The school became Emmaus Christian College as the school's long-standing Board of Management assumed full responsibility for governance.

2017 - Announced plans to open a second campus at Brooklyn Park

2020 - The second campus in Brooklyn Park commenced with 50 families from ELC to Year 2.

Our Name

In Luke Chapter 24 we read the account of our risen Lord Jesus accompanying two of His followers on their way back home to Emmaus after Jesus’ crucifixion. The name of our College is derived from this passage of scripture as it captures the very reason for our College being established in 1979, and our ongoing ministry to this day.

Our prayer is that on their journey at Emmaus, young people will have a profound encounter with their risen Lord and Saviour that results in them turning towards ‘Jerusalem’ (towards the Gospel message).