The Emmaus Christian College Early Learning Centre (ELC) is the first step to an education pathway at Emmaus Christian College. Located at our new Brooklyn Park Campus opening in January 2020, the ELC will be a Christ-centred, nurturing and safe learning environment for children aged between three and five.

The ELC will be underpinned by the existing College vision, values and philosophy. The nationally adopted Early Years Learning Framework will be presented from a Christian worldview, enriched by embracing practices from Guided Play Based Learning, Reggio Emilia and Nature Play.

Our high quality, long day care education program will be tailored for both three year olds and four year olds. We also offer a four year old preschool/ kindy program that meets all the requirements of children transitioning into school.

Our ELC Program

Our ELC will provide an all-encompassing integrated learning program for children aged between three and five. Our brand new, modern facilities will provide two learning spaces with customised learning programs for both three year olds and four year olds.

Our ELC will open as a long day care service operating five days a week, 7.30am to 6.00pm, 48 weeks per year.

Preschool Program

Our long day care includes a four year old preschool program that meets all the requirements of children transitioning into school. This is also known as the kindergarten year. Preschool children are required to attend the Centre at least two days each week. A qualified teacher oversees the planning and implementation of the four year old preschool program.

The South Australian Government has entitled all children to attend preschool/kindy for up to 15 hours a week, (equivalent to two days per week) over 40 weeks of one calendar year. The 40 weeks are scheduled the same time as Junior School term dates.

The standard four year old preschool program will operate daily from approximately 8.30am to 3pm. However, all children are able to enrol for additional hours through the long day care service which operates Monday to Friday between 7.30am and 6pm.

Children may begin in the long day care program prior to the preschool program, and also remain in the long day care program at the conclusion of the preschool program.

Find out more about preschool at SA Government's website.

Lunch and Catering

ELC children will need to bring their own lunch. We are in the process of deciding whether morning and afternoon snacks will be provided.

Class Numbers and Educator Ratios

Each ELC Class will have no more than 20 children on any given day.
Our ELC will be run by qualified educators and teachers offering the industry standard educator / child ratio of 1:10.


Our high quality educational program offers a balance of incursions and excursions similar to school opportunities:

  • Incursions - performances and guest speakers visiting the centre
  • Excursions such as a visit to the central market, local park or the road safety school, etc


Enrolments are now open for children aged between three and five for commencement early January 2020. We offer a full-day booking option on the days that suit you between Monday and Friday and the number of days that suit you between two and five days per week.

As we appreciate that each family circumstance is unique, you are welcome to negotiate start and finish hours with the ELC Director.

Intakes occur at the beginning of each school term after the child has turned three years of age.

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Transition to Junior School

The College offers a seamless transition for your child’s education ELC to year 12. While the ECC ELC is open to applications from any family, it is anticipated that the majority of children who commence at the ECC ELC will progress seamlessly into Foundation at ECC (and progress through to Year 12 at Emmaus)

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Learning Philosophy

The nationally adopted Early Years Learning Framework will be presented from a Christian worldview, enriched by embracing practices from Guided Play Based Learning, Reggio Emilia and Nature Play.

Nature Play

Children are inspired to engage with and in the natural environment God created. The ELC environment is intentionally set up with a balance between indoor and outdoor space, fixed and movable items, to engage in learning. These play based learning opportunities inspire learning and develop a sense of risk taking and problem solving.

We offer flexibility for children to navigate and engage with a variety of materials that foster curiosity and develop a sense of well-being wonder, as a pathway to the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) inquiry process.

Reggio Emilia

The following aspects of the Reggio Emilia approach will be prioritised:

  • The learning environment is seen as a third educator supporting a rich depth of learning and opportunity. This means teachers are very strategic in the way they create opportunities for children to engage in learning experiences on a daily basis.
  • Learning is expressed in many different ways e.g. dance, literacy, painting, making, block building, etc
  • Children’s own interests are embraced providing opportunities to further develop and enrich learning at a deeper level.
  • Children’s prior knowledge is highly valued. The Centre’s culture is enriched as children share information about their own lives. Their relationship with God and each other is prioritized and highly valued in the pursuit of building community.
  • Children’s curiosity is encouraged. Children are encouraged to ask questions and engage in inquiry as part of the learning process.
  • emotional intelligence is developed and nurtured through social development that values a sense of class community. Children are encouraged to think of others, respect others opinions, develop responsibilities, contribute to a loving and caring community.
  • Learning is documented to reflect the learning process and cognitive understandings


Our existing Head of Junior School, Helen Vonow will initially have oversight of the new Brooklyn Park Campus. An ELC Director will soon be appointed to provide leadership and oversight of the ELC operations.


  • Dedicated learning spaces for both three year olds and four year olds.
  • Brand new landscaped, secure, outdoor play areas will encompass the latest in Nature Play design and practices.
  • Access to the Junior School facilities as the curriculum requires, including:
    • a second nature play area
    • physical education equipment
    • library
    • performing arts space
    • visiting performances and assembly opportunities.

Architect's Impressions

Transition into Junior School

It is our desire for your child to have a smooth transition into Junior School from ELC. Applications for enrolment into the Junior School will be subject to the College Enrolment Policy.

Operating hours

The ELC will operate as a long day care service from 7.30am until 6.00pm for 48 weeks per year.

Fees and Child Care Subsidy

The ELC fee structure is yet to be determined. The fees will be competitive with other local preschool day care providers.

Depending on family circumstance, families may receive a child care subsidy. The level of child care subsidy is based on means testing and is different for every family. For further information about this please email our Senior Finance & Administration Officer Sarah Ciuk at or visit the government website

Childcare subsidy calculator

ELC Uniform

Our ELC children will be integrated in the Emmaus student community, therefore all ELC children will be required to wear the same Emmaus Christian College unisex primary school sports uniform. This includes the polo shirt, rugby top, shorts, track pants, hat and socks. The uniform can be purchased at the South Plympton Campus Uniform Shop.

Wearing of a uniform offers practical support for teachers as they plan for physical and play based activities; and offers a strong Emmaus identity as a member of our Christ-centred community.