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17 June 2024

Open your heart through reconciliation

  • Early Learning

Over the past few weeks in Classroom 3 Yellow, we explored reconciliation and what this looks like from a Christian perspective. We enjoyed connecting this exploration with the fruit of the Spirit from Galatians 5 verse 22 “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.” We enjoyed learning and understanding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and history and how we can share love, kindness and peace with all cultures.

The learners in Class 3 Yellow enjoyed learning about looking after the country God has given us by acknowledging how the Aboriginal people, specifically the Kaurna peoples of Adelaide, have cared for our land. This supported children’s interest in being discoverers and collectors in their learning environment, learning only to take what we need.

Throughout Reconciliation Week, our young researchers explored nature, seeking to celebrate God’s gifts and deepen their respect for God's natural treasures. As co-learners, we closely examined different elements of the land, discovering, collecting, and exploring these natural treasures. This was an exciting and valuable time of learning that brought beautiful discussions and wonderings, significantly enriching all children and educators.

In our outdoor learning environment, learners collected various natural treasures and discussed their importance to them. Using sand and tree sticks, we could observe mark-making of our handprints, including the intricate Aboriginal symbols we have been learning as a reference in our designs. Learners have also enjoyed creating and constructing an indoor landscape for God’s ‘minibeast’ creatures to be cared for.

On our first rainy winter day, learners enthusiastically collected rainwater in cups, saucepans, and buckets from the sandpit kitchen, creating joyful moments. This further extended their connection and respect for God’s country and its natural resources. Learners decided to express their creativity by using the collected rainwater to create their own unique masterpieces of “Rain Paint”. Displaying these masterpieces in our classroom gallery provided an excellent opportunity for families to celebrate their child’s demonstration of respect and appreciation for God’s gifts and the significance of rain on the land.

Rocks, one of the beautiful natural elements on our land, played a significant role in our Reconciliation celebration when we welcomed Year 11 students from our South Plympton Campus. Using rocks as one of the land's treasures, ELC learners painted alongside “our big buddies”, fostering a sense of community rooted in love, care and respect for Australia and its rich history. What fabulous learning through relationships!

Our prayer for our learners is that they lean on God’s truth and understanding to show respect, love and kindness to all people.

Engy H, Geordie M, Amanda R, Rita Land Lydia W

Class 3 Yellow ELC Educators