Emmaus Christian College is led by a team of people who are focussed on seeing the growth of God's Kingdom through the achievement of our vision and mission. Our Strategic Plan is based on the foundation truths of the Bible.

Board of Governors

As an Incorporated Association, Emmaus Christian College has a Board of Governors who are responsible for the oversight of the College. The Board’s primary task is to seek Godly wisdom as it makes decisions regarding the direction of the school and oversees financial matters in order to fulfill the College's mission of providing a distinctly Christian education. Our Board members are all passionate Christians who believe strongly in the value and relevance of Christian education and include College parents, staff and the broader community.

The Board of Governors is supported by the Advisory Panel who is comprised primarily of Pastors from the Churches that represent our parent community.

Leadership Team

Our staff leadership team is comprised of dedicated, and skilled Christian professionals who are sincerely passionate about the wellbeing and development of each and every student. They are determined to see each child grow in their identity as children of God through Jesus Christ.

Meet the Staff Leadership Team

Andrew Linke 2019

Mr Andrew Linke


Adrian Cotterell

Mr Adrian Cotterell

Director of Studies ELC-12


Ms Andrea Grear

Head of Senior School

Jonathan Carpenter 2019

Mr Jonathan Carpenter

Head of Middle School

Helen Vonow 2020

Mrs Helen Vonow

Head of Junior School South Plympton

Marni Greenwood

Mrs Marni Greenwood

Head of Junior School Brooklyn Park


Mr Solomon Farah

Head of Business Services

Meet the Board of Governors

Ferguson Andrea 2019

Ms Andrea Ferguson


Myriam Swinburne

Ms Myriam Swinburne

Deputy Chair

Geoffrey Baraka

Mr Geoffrey Baraka

Fielke Louise 2018 14387

Ms Louise Fielke

Hills Jennifer 2018 14388

Ms Jennifer Hills

Alice Hingston

Ms Alice Hingston

Pamela Omondi 66388338Y7B22Xkk8

Ms Pamella Omondi

Dickson Malibe

Mr Dickson Malibe

Student Leadership

Emmaus Christian College has three Houses; Ruby (red), Emerald (green), and Topaz (yellow). Student Leaders are selected to represent their House Team within their School; Junior, Middle and Senior.

Our Year 12 Captains are student representatives of the College and Student leaders who have a genuine concern for Christian outreach. Captains were elected for their leadership skills, academic achievement, demonstration of their Christian faith; commitment to extra-curricular activities that build relationships and community, and their ability to represent the student body equitably.

2021 Year 12 College Captains: Kaitlin (Ruby), Oliver (Emerald), Erica (Topaz)