At Emmaus Christian College, we provide an owned and operated bus service for students. This service includes a safe and convenient means of transport for our students enrolled at the South Plympton campus travelling to and from school each day.

We have a fleet of six buses that service the hills, southern and western suburbs and we also provide a pick-up / drop off link for students who take the train. It is not a door to door service.

All buses arrive at the South Plympton campus of the College by 8.25 am and depart the College at 3.20 pm.

Students are expected to comply with the College’s student Bus Behaviour Guidelines when travelling on the College Bus.

Bus Routes

Routes are designed to keep trips as short as possible for those students at the ‘far end’ of each route. Bus routes are reviewed periodically to ensure that they provide the best possible service to students who would not otherwise have a convenient public transport option to the school.

  • The College reserves the right to change routes if needed.
  • Parents will be given advanced notice of any changes.
  • Families living south of the ‘Hills Face Zone’ have priority on the southern suburbs buses.
  • Pick up and drop off points are determined on the basis of convenience to the greatest number of students and to ensure as short a trip as possible for students.
  • Children must be at their stop 5 minutes before the scheduled pickup each morning.

Regular bus users do not need to notify if they are not going to be on the bus. To contact the bus driver please ring Student Services on 8292 3820.

Ticket Prices

Term Ticket:
Return $275
One way (AM or PM) $195

Train Term Ticket:
Return $155
One way (AM or PM) $105

Single Trip Ticket:

About the Fees
The College greatly subsidises the operational expense of our bus service.
Bus prices are subject to change during the school year.
The price of the term ticket remains constant for each term regardless of term length.
There are no refunds for missed trips.
Bus fares are added to the family accounts at the beginning of each year.

Special Circumstances

Arrangements when train travel is suspended

If train services are suspended for any reason (due to strikes, power shedding, power break down etc.), students who travel by train will be held at the College and parents will be contacted.

Travel during fire danger period

The College is advised of any know risk from the CFS. If the bus route travels into the area of known fire, students are held at the College and parents notified. If an unexpected bushfire threatens a route, drivers follow the direction of Fire Control Officers. In the events of no direction the driver will return to a safe refuge and notify the College Principal. If there is any doubt about the safety of a student the driver will hold the students on the bus.


To make a booking for a bus service, please contact Student Services on 8292 3820.

College Expectations

  • All students must comply with the College's Bus Behaviour Guidelines when travelling on the College bus.
  • There is limited opportunity to accommodate requested changes to student bus allocation.
  • Once students have been allocated a bus, they are unable to change.
  • Considerable time is spent organising the best possible outcome for all students travelling on buses.
  • Bus communication must be via Student Services and not with the drivers.
  • All seats are allocated to students and our College buses run at full capacity. We are not able to accommodate friends requesting to travel home with students on any of our buses.

Bus Behaviour Guidelines

Parent Responsibility

  • On days of declared extreme fire danger, parents or a responsible adult, should be present to collect their students when the bus arrives.
  • Parents shall have a pre-arranged policy if they are not able to care for their students themselves.
  • Parents should be familiar with the school’s emergency procedures as detailed above.
  • Parents should monitor local radio stations to receive information about possible decisions to hold buses at school.