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17 April 2023

Let There Be Light!

  • Early Learning

What started out as a simple building experience has grown into an inquiry of light! Within Class 3, we watched as a simple multistorey construction with translucent blocks led to a discovery, and our inquiry was birthed. With the simple addition of a torch, we watched as light transformed a creation. Many friends were intrigued with what occurred and the coloured shadows that projected onto the neighbouring wall.

Our compass led us to explore this further, even within the outdoor learning environment we have been able to capture the power of light. We have shadows! As we stood still and looked forward onto the ground, we were able to see our shadow, a glimpse of ourselves and our uniqueness. Not content with the discovery, the children placed objects onto the ground observing what shapes and shadows that were created. The power of the light revealed dinosaurs, buckets, crabs and even towers from our blocks.

As co-researchers along with the children, we went on a journey extending and promoting curiosities through the addition of a new resource. A projector! This is where we are currently exploring, we have been exploring the concept of shadows and how we influence shapes using light as the medium.

We were fascinated to see our bodies projected on the wall and how our shadows danced and played. We made animal shadows with our hands and the room was full of children’s creativity and imagination. We flapped our arms like the birds, hopped like the bunnies with our little fingers on top of head and stretched our arm like the elephant’s trunk and the tall giraffe.

In the room, our little builders revisited their learning experience, this time instead of a torch, we were inspired to use the light source from the overhead projector to showcase our magnificent creations on the wall.

Here we took our learning one step further and used the light projected on paper to trace the shadow of our creations. We were faced with a challenge here – How can we stand out of the way of our own shadows and still be able to draw the shadow of our creation at the same time?

The children have been driving their learning compass in this inquiry and as we navigate our way through our learning, we have been able to capture insight into children’s thoughts and understandings.

It’s a mirror it’s a rocket – Ari

(As we explored and introduced the projector into the learning environment)

We need the machine so that you can see – Dandi
It’s on the wall – Cianne
It’s there, but there too - Noah

The power of light has led our compass, and the children have been the architects to their learning and as we continue our inquiry our opportunities are endless.

Amanda Ruddock, Kelsey Barnes, Geordie Maddocks & Rita Ling

Class 3 Educators