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28 July 2022

Welcome to Term 3

  • From the Principal

Dear Emmaus friends and families,

Welcome back to Term 3! I hope you've had some time to rest and recharge.

The term started this week on Monday for all Emmaus staff (ELC and Brooklyn Park / South Plympton campuses) coming together for a time of worship, devotion, prayer and professional development. The day involved various elements provided by CSA (Christian Schools Australia) which included listening to a very powerful keynote address by Danielle Strickland, a pastor and human rights advocate based in Toronto, Canada. Based on the account in Acts Chapter 27 and 28, Danielle reinforced the importance of adopting three key ‘postures’ in our daily ministry: Surrender, Generosity, and Mission (placing ‘others’ at the centre). We also heard from Dr Rob Loe who spoke on the importance of student belonging in relation to their wellbeing and academic success. Our Director of Studies, Adrian Cotterell, introduced teaching staff to a new professional learning project focusing on the Science of Learning. Furthermore, the Junior School staff from both campuses were led by Steph Reedman, our F-6 Student Wellbeing Coordinator, in an introduction to Zones of Regulation, a social and emotional learning program, for the purpose of proactively supporting students to flourish in community. Overall, it was a very beneficial day, equipping our staff for this important ministry of service to you and your children at Emmaus.

You have, no doubt noticed this new format and name of our College newsletter. The new format is designed to be more 'mobile-device-friendly', and easier to navigate directly to what you are seeking without missing any important information either. We also felt it was time to give it a name that more accurately reflected the heart of Emmaus. The fear of ending up with a new name like “Newsletter McNewsletter-Face” directed us away from holding a naming competition / vote! The publication name, 'The Road' captures the very heart of Emmaus (‘the Road to…’) from Luke Chapter 24. Just like the followers of Jesus in this account have a profound and life-changing encounter with the risen Lord on that road, it is central to our College’s mission that our young people, in association with Emmaus, also have a profound encounter with their risen Lord, contributing to them leading a life based on Jesus and his teachings.

Finally, I am delighted to announce today the appointment of Mrs Liz Hinrichsen as Head of Junior School at our South Plympton Campus. Liz will be commencing in this role on the first day of Term 4, Monday 17th October 2022. Liz will, however make many visits to Emmaus during Term 3 to meet staff, students and parents as she transitions into the role.

Liz joins us with a wealth of experience, gained during several leadership roles across various campuses at Trinity College for over 30 years. She is currently Head of Junior School at Trinity College North School, where she has served since 2005.

As a Christian educator, Liz is passionate about staff and student well-being and has completed postgraduate studies in this area. She believes wellbeing is central to the success of staff and students and looks forward to partnering with the South Plympton Junior School community, as this area is further developed. Liz is a highly relational educator and leader believing that deep, respectful and authentic relationships are at the very core of everything she does as a follower of Jesus.

Liz and her husband worship at Christian Family Centre, Seaton where Liz leads ‘Welcome and Hospitality' teams, hosts Coffee Groups and teaches 'New Beginnings’ courses to new Christians.

We look forward to Liz joining us in Term 4 and ask that you please pray for Liz as she transitions into our Emmaus Christian College community.

Andrew Linke
Executive Principal