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15 June 2022

Building with Purpose

  • From the Head of Junior School Brooklyn Park

If you’ve visited our Brooklyn Park Campus recently, you will have noticed that there has been plenty of building activity. The third ELC room and outdoor area is almost complete and our upstairs East Wing is currently being refurbished into four new Junior School classrooms. As I have previously shared, God has continued to add more families to our Brooklyn Park community and this year the current classrooms are all in use! The new classrooms will be needed for next year, as our numbers continue to grow.

While the new rooms have been progressing, our students have had some fantastic opportunities to see what goes on behind the scenes. The Building Site Manager was kind enough to invite some of our younger classes to come in for a tour. The children loved having a look at the plans and progress, and to ask questions about the building process. There was much excitement when a huge crane appeared on site to put the new air conditioning units in place on the roof. The children were fascinated as they got to see first hand how the crane operators used hand signals to communicate with the people on the roof, as well as watching the big machine in action.

It has been exciting to see the development of our Campus progressing and the purpose of our growth was beautifully highlighted to me during a recent conversation I had with one of our Foundation students. When asked why the builders are here and what they are doing, I replied that we are building some more classrooms, so that more children can come to our College. With barely a hesitation, the enthusiastic response came back, “YAY! More people to tell about Jesus!” The simplicity and joy in her comment has stuck with me. Growth can mean lots of practical tasks that are added to the job list – logistics to plan, building to be done, enrolments to process, staff to employ, furniture to buy, the list goes on. But it also means the expansion of our Christian mission, or, as phrased by a 5-year-old girl, more people to tell about Jesus. What a simple and beautiful reminder that we are here, not to serve ourselves, but to serve our God – To share the good news of His love for us with others.

"But my life is worth nothing to me unless I use it for finishing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus—the work of telling others the Good News about the wonderful grace of God." Acts 20:24