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28 July 2022

Year 12 Retreat

  • College News

Community, Risk-taking and Taking a break - These were the hallmarks of the Year 12 Retreat held at Victor Harbor during the final three days of Term 2.

The Year 12s ventured down to Adare Campsite and spent time together, bike-riding, night-hiking, high-roping, problem-solving, arrow-shooting, camp-concerting, escape-rooming, relaxing, cooking marshmallows on the campfire, played poly-pong and much more.

A highlight of the camp was the Camp Concert where a variety of talents were put on display which was enjoyed by all, with Cameron and Logan winning the night with their act 'Emmaus Shorts'.

The Year 12s took risks, supported each other and took time to reflect before the final push towards finishing the year. This camp truly was fantastic.