Year 11 Subjects – Communication Solutions (Computer Aided Design)

Level: Year 11
Subject Name: SACE Stage 1 Communication Solutions (CAD)
Prerequisites: nil
Assumed knowledge: 9 or 10 eCAM, 9 or 10 Materials

Course Summary:

In Design, Technology and Engineering students use the design and solution realisation process to engineer solutions for the development of products or systems.

This subject aims to further develop students’ skills with Computer Aided Design software. Students also develop project management skills through design and realisation processes. Students will undertake a specialised skills task (creating a go-kart pamphlet) before creating their major project (designing a virtual teenager's bedroom) combining the various skills acquired.

Students who have completed the course could continue undertaking the following pathways within the SACE framework at Emmaus:

  • Stage 2 Communication Solutions (CAD)
  • Stage 2 Industrial & Entrepreneurial Solutions

For more information, about these new pathways, please visit:

Course Content:

  • Computer Aided Design
  • Interior Layout Design
  • Virtual Systems Modeling


  • Specialised Skill Tasks
  • Major Project
  • Design Folio

Possible Future Pathways

Building, Interior, Kitchen Design, Construction, Architecture, Industrial Design, Engineering.