Year 10 – Personal Learning Plan

Level: Year 10
Subject Name: Personal Learning Plan
Prerequisites: Nil
Assumed knowledge: Nil

Course Summary:

Personal Learning Plan (a Stage 1 SACE unit) is studied by all students (2 lessons per week). It is focused on goal setting and the development of the SACE capabilities: literacy, numeracy, ICT, ethical thinking, intercultural awareness, critical and creative thinking and the personal and social capability.

Course content:

Social living and responsibility: Journal

  • Reflection on ethics, intercultural, personal and social capabilities.

Pathway Planning

  • Research possible career options and plan subject selection.

Capability Development Contract

  • Students will create a S.M.A.R.T goals and strategies to achieve it. Progress will be charted through a development contract.

Work Experience reflection

  • Reflection on work experience placement.


  • Worksheets
  • Assignments
  • Bookwork
  • Participation in group work
  • Journals