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16 November 2020

Year 10 and 11 Students Awarded

  • From the Head of Senior School

Today the Year 10 and 11 students were commended and awarded at their final Senior School Assembly for 2020.

MC and Head of Senior School, Andrea Grear, warmly encouraged students with many heart-felt words, including:

"We are going to recognise the achievements of many students today, those who contributed in sport, outreach, music and achieved really well academically. This is great, people who are doing well with what they have got, but I want you, each of you, to remember something. Each and everyone of you is here, because this is where you are meant to be and each of you has the gifts, attributes and a context that is uniquely yours. Most importantly of all, each of you, no exceptions, is made in the image of God. So, who are you to think that you are any less or more important than the other? Who are you to say I am not good enough, not beautiful enough or clever enough? You are enough. And you are cared for by the staff at this school, each and everyone of you. You are loved for who you uniquely are – all your good parts and all great parts - and that is a child of God, made in His image. We may celebrate a few for the things that schools celebrate, but your life is yours to offer, everyday in what you do and how you go about it. It is an act of worship – holy and pleasing to God.

As John writes in 1 John 3: "How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! ... Dear friends, now we are children of God, and what we will be has not yet been made known. But we know that when he appears, we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is."

Students were awarded for their achievements and contributions in sport, outreach, music and academics. Principal, Andrew Linke presented the awards, certificates and badges, including the 2021 House Leaders! The College Captains and Vice Captains will be announced at the Speech Night.

Year 11 students will celebrate their final day of School for 2020 on Wednesday with a fun ‘mystery day-out’. The Year 10s will commence their Australian Business Week subject and have their final day of school on Wednesday, Week 7.

We are so proud of our Senior students and pray for them as they complete school for 2020 and prepare for their future.

Year 10 and 11 Student Award Recipients 2020

Community Award

This award recognises a high level of commitment to multiple extra-curricula groups which have a focus on serving others.

Joshua W
Molly G
Kaitlin T
Lucy W
Angela C
Chris E
Grace E
Jenna D
Jonathan R
Oliver I
Phoebe W

Community Awards - Performing Arts

The recipients of this award have demonstrated a high level of commitment to multiple extra-curricula performing arts groups. There are 6 Year 10 and 11 students who meet this criteria.

Austin N
Jonathan R
Lara S
Joshua W
Sebastian Z
Angela X

Community Awards - Multiple Areas

Can you please welcome to the stage the following 12 students from Years 11 and 10.

Joshua W
Molly G
Kaitlin T
Lucy W
Angela C
Angela X
Austin N
Chris E
Grace E
Jenna D
Jonathan R
Oliver I
Phoebe W

Forbes Reading Program Thank You Certificates

Throughout 2020 we have had an enthusiastic and capable group of students attend Forbes Primary school each week to read to junior primary students. It is utterly wonderful that these students help the lives of children who don’t get the chance to be read to. Mr Wood and I are so very proud of all of you and love seeing how you have all developed great relationships with the students of Forbes. We finished the year, which was interrupted in Term 2 so we filmed ourselves reading, with a Teddy Bear’s picnic on the last Tuesday.

Forbes has provided each of the students who attended with a Certificate of Appreciation and a pen – they are individually decorated by the students you have read to.

House Leaders 2021

The election of student leaders reflects Senior student voice directly in the process. Year 10 and 11 students nominate themselves or others and then vote on who they believed would be a good representative and a voice for their concerns. The student votes are then ratified by Senior School staff and leaders. As per last year there were many excellent candidates.

Emerald House Leaders:
Ben D
Mia T
Callum H
Molly G
Oliver I
Lottie D
Matthew S

Ruby House Leaders:
Jonathan R
Elizabeth T
Lily-Grace A
Phoebe W
Kaitlin T
Scarlett G
Jayden H

Topaz House Leaders:
Soyal J
Lara S
Erica P
Joelle B
Cameron C
Nina N
Sam F

Senior Sporting Champions

Daryl Porter, our HPE Coordinator, has nominated two students for the Senior Boy and Girl champion. Both these students have demonstrated resilience, sportsmanship, teamwork and a Christian attitude in their sporting endeavours.

Senior Boy Sporting Champion: Fraser W

Senior Girl Sporting Champion: Olivia N

Subject, Dux and Dux ATAR Awards

We recognise the academic achievement of outstanding students across subject areas in Years 10 and 11. Unfortunately the Year 10 and 11 Dux students have not been calculated as of yet, as we are only just working our way through exams.

Subject Awards recognise the highest achieving student in each subject.

Year 10 Subject Awards

Kayla B Visual Art - Art
Danilo A Visual Art - Design
Zoe S Visual Art - Design & Digital Technologies
Neriah H Child Studies, French & History
Charlize L Dance
Lara S Dance
Jack Y Design & Technology
Sophie K Drama, Mathematics & Music
Ashlee D Food & Hospitality
Alyssha-Ann K Food & Hospitality
Jonathan R Information Processing
Olivia N PLP & Sport
Vanessa R Science

Year 11 Subject Awards

Lily-Grace A Visual Art - Art
Eliza D Visual Art - Art
Lottie D Visual Art - Design
Charlotte K Visual Art - Design & Biology
Judy C Biology
Lydia S Business Innovation & History
Kaitlin T Chemistry, French, Mathematical Methods, Physics & Research Project
Phoebe W Child Studies & Food & Hospitality
Erin M Dance
Fraser W Design & Technology and Physical Education
Samuel F Digital Technologies
Jelena N Drama
Kaitlyn M English and Food & Hospitality
Ben N Geography
Erica P Information Processing and Psychology
Abby R Essential Mathematics
Hamish R General Mathematics A
Caleb T Specialist Mathematics
Holly S General Mathematics B
Joshua W Music
Neve D Workplace Practices