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4 May 2022

Welcome to Term 2

  • From the Principal

Dear Emmaus families and friends

I welcome you back to Term 2 and pray that the term break including Easter and Anzac Day has provided you and your family some time to rest, connect with family and loved ones and doing some things that bring you joy. With respect to COVID arrangements the ‘plan’ to commence Term 2 remains the same as Term 1 hence this at least provides a degree of consistency. As shared by the SA Premier last Tuesday we may see further school restrictions easing following Week 2 and 4 of this term and we will let you know of any changes as soon as we are ourselves aware.

As Term 2 commences I encourage you and your family with the same passages of scripture I shared with staff during our time of devotion together Monday morning (Matthew 25:40 and the Book of Esther overall). As an amateur bee keeper and back yard vegetable/herb gardener, I have noticed late season honey, tomatoes and herbs for example are much more flavoursome than when produce is abundant in the Spring/Summer prime growing time. More challenging growing conditions seems to bring out the very best produce in terms of flavour. Esther’s challenges similarly brought out the very best in her decision making – a life and death decision for her that ultimately saved the lives of the Israelites preserving the bloodline from which Jesus would ultimately come (quite significant in the big scheme of things!)

I am certainly not being dismissive of the significant impact COVID has had on individuals and communities over the last two years, however, I have witnessed these challenging times also bring the very best out of people. Evidence of behaviours of those continuing to serve across our Emmaus community reaching out in support of others (so many acts of kindness) in so many ways despite their own challenges has both humbled and encouraged me. God certainly works through all our circumstances; however this can be most pronounced as we ‘lean-in’ close to Him in our time of need (which is often through the service of those He has placed around us – Matthew 25:40).

I would also like to share with you an important staff appointment specific to the South Plympton Campus. Mrs Andrea Grear will retain her role as Head of Senior School at this time, however, following a thorough process has also been appointed into the new role as South Plympton Campus Principal (F-12).

Day-to-day South Plympton matters will still be managed by the existing South Plympton Heads of School and their respective staff and leadership teams, as has always been the case, however Andrea Grear will now support the Heads of School in turn with all South Plympton matters.

The new role of South Plympton Campus Principal reports to the overall Emmaus Christian College Principal, a role that I retain. As the Emmaus ELC expands to three rooms this term; the Brooklyn Park School Campus continues to rapidly expand; and as the fourth Middle School student stream is poised to commence at South Plympton in 2023 there is a need for increased Leadership across the College to ensure all matters are managed thoroughly and in a timely manner for students and families. As such this new role is an important step in maintaining the high standard of service for our students and families as the College continues to grow. Further correspondence will follow from Andrea and myself this term as she transitions into this important role in the life of the College.


Andrew Linke