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15 March 2023


  • From the Head of Middle School

Teamwork is something we see in the character of God. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit serving one another in selfless love, perfect submission, existing in perfect relationship. The mystery of the Trinity, our God, three-in-one, is rich, deep and beautiful.

This perfect community in perfect relationship, is what He invites us to experience through the grace He offers us. Through giving His one, and only Son to pay the enormous price of our sin, He redeems us completely. What joy this brings! Despite any circumstance, this gift of love is greater than the challenges or difficulties we face.

Teamwork is best demonstrated when each member looks not to their own interests but rather to the interests of others. We can observe teamwork in many settings, including in God’s creation. If we take the time to consider and observe, much can be learnt. Often referred to as the book of wisdom, Proverbs 6:6-11 instructs us to consider the ways of ants, and be wise.

There is much that can be learnt from observing ants. They are small, diligent, hard-working, strong, selfless creatures that achieve much. They may seem of little value or importance but, observed closely, you will see these little guys do incredible things when they work together. They can lift masses many times heavier than themselves, over very difficult and complex terrain. They don’t seem to pause for a lengthy meeting to establish a game plan, or assign roles. Rather, they each contribute towards overcoming obstacles and achieving their collective goal. Not with perfect algorithmic efficiency, but without a fuss, they collaborate to solve complex problems with incredible unity.

In fact, their behaviour is often considered to be like that of a single organism, despite the colony being made up of many individuals. So too the body of Christ. Each of us has unique God-given gifts to be used to build-up the body of Christ. When those gifts are used to bring glory and honour to God, and not build our own agenda, they are like different parts of the body working together to bring health and vitality. They bring life.