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10 November 2021

From the Head of Middle School

  • From the Head of Middle School

When admiring a beautifully manicured garden of thriving plants, you can sometimes hear comments such as, “You’re so lucky your garden grows like this.” As though it had fallen into place as random luck, that weeds do not grow there and the garden takes care of itself! Every gardener knows this is simply not true. A garden requires continual care and intentionality. Pruning in the correct season, the adding of nutrients, organic fertiliser, trace elements, moisture and air all contribute to soil structure and fertility. Hidden from view, microorganisms and worms do their life giving work. And yet the weeds still grow. Mulching and strategic ground covers can assist but there remain regular times you just have to get your hands dirty and tend to the garden.

We can learn so much from God’s creation that applies to our lives. Raising young people is much the same. There are many thoughts and philosophies out there about what is good parenting and what is not. The inescapable reality is that raising young people is a privilege and a great opportunity to shape and grow children in the ways of the Lord. The relentless nature of this makes it challenging and why having a ‘village’ is so important. As we near the end of another year be encouraged by Galatians 6:9...

"And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up."

After all, God created gardens to thrive and bring joy.

Jonathan Carpenter
Head of Middle School