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27 October 2021

Finishing Well - Farewell to the Class of 2021

  • From the Head of Senior School

It is a joy to see our Year 12 students arrive at the end of their secondary schooling; more than arrive but thrive. The journey has not been what we thought it would be when we set out on the Senior school road all the way back in Year 10, however, I know that this group of students have been superb travellers in this whole COVID complication with us, the Emmaus Community. Even better we have all learnt of the need to trust in the love of a good God despite our inability to see where the year was leading. Our Year 12’s have come through these times with love guiding them: the love of parents, our heavenly father and our Emmaus community – scarily we teachers love our students and want them to grow to be all they are designed to be as children of God.

Even when it was frustrating and camps were cancelled, excursions cancelled and classes were cancelled, (the caveat of study from home happily sorted this out), they continued with their studies and adapted. What amazing character traits this group of Year 12 students have learnt: resilience, hope for a better future and the knowledge that they can get through this ordeal with style and a little bit of sass. I pray that these students will know that although they have not had events in the usual and expected form, they have had growth in so many ways.

This final year of school has been a chance to become stronger, to learn that we can get over obstacles that are beyond our control together, and we have the ability to let go of what we cannot control.

We are stretched, but not broken; frustrated, but healed and whole in God’s love.

All 87 of Year 12 students made this last week of Celebration so very special, the costumes have set the bar high for future years, the lunchtime Staff vs Student sports have been very entertaining, and the final assembly very moving. It has been a privilege to love these students as part of the Senior school and send them on their way to the rest of their lives. May they know that they are prayed over as precious members of our Community,

Andrea Greer
Head of Senior School

Class of 2021 at their Final Assembly