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19 May 2022

2022 Student Leader's Retreat

  • From the Head of Senior School

On Monday 9 May, Senior Student Leaders had a retreat at Glenelg to think about leadership and plan for the year ahead. The big takeaway from the day is that being a leader also includes service. It is not all about us, but serving God and others. Hard to do, but what Jesus demonstrated in his life. As St Francis of Assisi learnt when he left his iconic cave, God sees the world upside down to humans. The first will be last and the last first, Matthew 20:16. We have a calling to serve in our world and we want to develop a heart for this in our student community.

So, with this ideal in mind, the student leaders set out to change the world. Albeit their world. And have a really nice retreat at Beach Burrito, which included a great lunch.

We have divided ourselves into four groups that include students from all senior year levels and have a particular area of focus. These include: Administration, (assembly organisation and Home Group connection), with Esther Amoy; Discipleship, (Faith development amongst student body & Peer mentoring), with Mike Worley; Pastoral Activities, (Sport events; ECC Has Talent; Student Lead events & House events), with Daryl Porter; and Bridges, (Building bridges with Primary connections - Brooklyn Park, South Plympton and Forbes), with me. What this structure means is that there is a focus and clear direction for what we do. It is really exciting to watch the ideas unfold and we pray that it gives the student leaders a chance to learn to make a difference and involve others in their projects. There is an upcoming event on Saturday 4 June which is student leader lead and has evolved from our student leader body – please support us and come along! It makes me proud to see the capacity of students when they work as a team and have a heart to serve the community.