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28 November 2019

2019, A Record Breaker

  • Sport and PE

2019 has been a record breaker for Emmaus sporting programs. We have had a year of fantastic results at SACSA, SAPSASA and SSSSA competitions in a variety of sports and physical activity pursuits. We have had over one third of our school population involved in our representative, weekly sport teams or our after or before school sporting opportunities. There has been over 50 representative and 10 weekly sport teams, seven different sporting opportunities and our weekly Running Club offered to students and parents over the course of the year. A big thank you to staff and parents who have assisted with these teams and programs in 2019.

There is much planning already underway for 2020 and we look forward to seeing parents and students involved in our growing sports program. Information will be communicated to parents and students via email, Team App, newsletter and College website early in the new year.

When reflecting on the year it has been nice to see many members of the Emmaus community get involved through sport. The benefits that young and mature people get from being a part of a weekly team or competitions are endless. Being physically active is not all about winning or losing, it is about having fun, socialising with their peers making new and strengthening friendships, being challenged and persevering to achieve their best and developing resilience. These are all important life skills whether you are looking to become a Doctor, Teacher or Tradie. Our young people today have many barriers to being active, so during the holidays as a family make the most of this time and do something active together. Whether it is swimming at the beach, walking up Mount Lofty or Morialta, completing a Park Run or going for a family ride, these are times that are greatly beneficial and can be the start of a new passion.

On behalf of the Emmaus H&PE / Sports team staff we wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and pray that the holiday period is enjoyable and safe for you all. See you all in 2020!

Students achievements:

  • Fraser (Year 10) has made the State All School Athletics team and will compete in Long Jump and Triple Jump.
  • Orlanzo (Year 7) has also made the State All School Athletics team and will compete in Pole Vault.
  • Jackson (Year 5) competed at the Under 12 Boys National Golf Tournament, finished runner-up in the Ambrose.
  • Miracle (Year 7), Lucy (Year 7), Lakshaan (Year 9), Soyal (Year 9), Joel (Year 9), Brightlyn (Year 8), Ikiia (Year 8) and Cameron (Year 10) all competed at the SA All Schools Athletic Championships. Some of our students achieved PB’s going on to compete in finals and achieved very impressive results.
  • Year 4/5 SACSA Boys Basketball finished fourth overall, Year 6/7 Boys finished sixth overall, Year 4/5 girls finished seventh overall and Year 6/7 Girls finished fifth overall.
  • Year 6/7 SACSA Girls Netball finished ninth and twelfth overall and Year 6/7 Boys finished sixth overall.
  • Jack (Year 12) finished third, Tyson (Year 8) finished 37th, Angus (Year 8) finished 19th, Josh (Year 10) finished 45th, Cody (Year 10) finished 44th in the Boys SSSA Mountain Bike riding competition. Emmaus finished 10th overall in the State for this event.
  • Sienna (Year 8) and Hayley (Year 8) have both secured their positions in the State Under 15 Girls Soccer team.
  • Panashe (Year 9) has been selected in the Adelaide United Youth Soccer Squad.

Daryl Porter
PE, Health and Sports Coordinator (F - Year 12)