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13 November 2019

Challenge Day

  • From the Middle School

How easy it is to set challenges for others. It is a whole ‘nother thing to face them yourself! Standing at the edge of a rocky gorge, teachers of the Rite Journey from all over Australia and New Zealand were faced with this view...

It was ‘Challenge Day’ at the Rite Journey Conference and Ben Squire, Melissa Keen, Paul Mills, Heather Edwards and myself had the words of Andrew Lines (creator and director of The Rite Journey) still fresh in their minds, “if we expect our students to be pushed outside of their comfort zone, we need to be willing to do the same!” So one after the other we took on and completed the challenge.

Though it was one small component of an involved conference, it was, just like our solo night for our Year 9's, a significant one. The Rite Journey program has been running for 3 years now at Emmaus and it was a great opportunity to meet with other professionals to learn, share and improve our knowledge, skills and further develop our programs. It was also great to become more aware of the amazing work God is doing in the lives of young people through this initiative beyond our College. I was so proud of our team and the work all our staff do in challenging and supporting the young people in our care to grow into the unique and connected people our loving and faithful Father has created them to be.

I wonder what step of trust God is calling you into and the growth this will bring for you and your family?


Jonathan Carpenter
Head of Middle School