Year 12 – Drama

Level: Year 12
Subject Name: Year 12 Drama
Prerequisites: At least one semester of Year 11 Drama recommended
Assumed knowledge: Year 11 Drama

Course Summary:

The subject is offered in 5 x 45-minute lessons per week. Students explore a range of texts and undertake research into innovators in Drama to prepare for the Group Presentation (Assessment Type 1). Although students are assessed individually, the group analysis and presentation takes a variety of forms, including performance, workshop or tutorial. During the preparation, students keep a record of evidence that is submitted either before or after the presentation. This provides supporting evidence of their analysis and demonstrates their knowledge, understanding and application. Each student produces a Folio (Ass. Type 2) containing a report that connects to their own experiences of making a dramatic work in Assessment Type 4, performance. Students view, review, study, and analyse a range of live or recorded theatrical performances and produce either two reviews or one comparative review. Students investigate and respond to a play script, or investigate and respond to a dramatic innovator by creating a question that they answer through an Interpretative Study (Ass. Type 3). Students are supported to provide relevant evidence including research, or influences from additional sources. For the external assessment, students perform in an on or off-stage role or an individual presentation.

Course content:

Semester 1:

  • Interpretative Study
  • Performance (on or off stage role) OR Individual Study.
  • Group or Individual Study Performance Report
  • Review live theatre production

Semester 2:

  • Review of live theatre production
  • Group Presentation


  • School Assessment (70%)
    • Assessment Type 1: Group Presentation (20%)
    • Assessment Type 2: Folio (30%)
    • Assessment Type 3: Interpretative Study (20%)
  • External Assessment (30%)
    • Assessment Type 4: Performance (30%)