Year 12 – Dance

Level: Stage 2
Prerequisites: None
Assumed knowledge: Dance experience in either curricular or extracurricular form is highly recommended and supports classroom learning.

Course Summary

Students develop creative, technical, and physical understanding, and an appreciation of dance as an art form. Dance has its own specific language and processes that students learn in theory and practice through the study of technique, composition, choreography, performance, and critical analysis.

Dance offers opportunities for the development of students' creativity, self-discipline, self esteem, personal identity, and confidence. This is achieved through experiences that encourage collaboration and creative problem-solving, the acquisition of skills, knowledge, and understanding, and the development of aesthetic awareness.

Course Content

Semester 1:

Students will explore Jazz Technique through the works of significant innovators such as Katherine Dunham, Robert Louis Fosse, Kelly Abbey and Justin Peck. Modern applications of Jazz Dance in Australian and international communities will be explored. Students will learn specific Jazz Dance techniques and create both set and improvised works using these ideas. Performance routines will also be created for external assessment which may include students undertaking off-stage roles.

Semester 2:

Choreographic methods will be explored as students create their own works for assessment. Students will engage with various methods of improvisation, stagecraft principles and explore technology to design original works.


  • School Assessment (70%)
    • Skills Development: Choreography and Technique Folio
    • Response
  • External Assessment (30%)
    • Performance