Year 12 Subjects – Christianity, Careers and Personal Planning (CCAPP)

Level: Stage 2
Prerequisites: none
Assumed knowledge: none

Course Summary

This course provides students with the opportunity to explore matters of faith and wellbeing, while also providing space for career exploration and the development of skills important for life, academic and workplace success.

It makes a unique contribution to the development of students and complements the academic and vocationally oriented curriculum by focusing on students’ personal development and on how their schooling, their faith and their extra-curricular activities relate to their future plans and life after school. It aims to provide opportunities for students to maintain, reinforce and develop skills, attitudes and behaviours which will allow them to enhance their personal well-being and grow in their faith and knowledge of God’s will and direction in their lives.

The course also aims to assist students to make a smooth transition to post school ventures, whether those directions include tertiary studies, GAP years and/or working options.

Course Content

Semester 1 and Semester 2:

  • World-views and Apologetics
  • Talents & Spiritual gifts
  • Career Exploration
  • Cults
  • Safe Partying
  • Relationships


  • Participation: Self-reflection, class activities and group discussion
  • Research: Career exploration, pathway planning, Biblical understanding
  • Career Planning: Research and Applications