Year 11 Subjects – History

Level: Stage 1
Subject Name: History
Prerequisites: Year 10 History
Assumed knowledge: None

Course Summary

Students can choose to complete one or two semesters of History. Stage One History has an emphasis on developing skills of historical inquiry such as analysing sources and evidence, evaluating differing perspectives, and communicating ideas and arguments through practising ethical scholarship.

Course content

Over the two semesters, students study the Age of Imperialism with a focus on the case study of the British in India, the subsequent era of Decolonisation, the Bolshevik October Revolution in Russia in 1918 which led the creation of the first Communist state, and the Social Movements of the 1960s.


Each semester has four assessment tasks, each worth 25%. One of these is the Historical Study research essay of the students own choice.

Assessment types include essays, museum source, historical atlas, creating a source analysis, and multi-modal.