Year 11 – Physics

Level: Stage 1
Subject Name: Physics
Prerequisites: B grade or higher in Year 10 Physics
Assumed knowledge: Year 10 Physics

Course Summary:

The study of physics offers opportunities for students to understand and appreciate the natural world. This subject requires the interpretation of physical phenomena through a study of motion in two dimensions, electricity and magnetism, light and matter, and atoms and nuclei. As well as applying knowledge to solve problems, students develop experimental, investigation design, information, and communication skills through practical and other learning activities. Students gather evidence from experiments and research and acquire new knowledge through their own investigations.

Course content:

First Unit (Semester 1)

  • Topic 1: Linear Motion and Forces
  • Topic 2: Energy and Momentum
  • Topic 3: Heat

Second Unit (Semester 2)

  • Topic 4: Electric Circuits
  • Topic 5: Waves
  • Topic 6: Nuclear Models and Radioactivity


  • Investigations Folio 40%
  • Skills and Applications Tasks 60%