Year 11 Subjects – Physical Education

Level: Stage 1
Subject Name: Stage 1 Physical Education
Prerequisites: Year 10 Physical Education (one semester minimum)
Assumed knowledge: Year 10 Physical Education

Course Summary

Physical Education is a 10-credit subject (one semester) or a 20-credit subject (full year) at Stage 1, and a 20-credit subject at Stage 2 (full year). This Stage 1 course has three focus areas: In Movement, Through Movement and About Movement preparing students for Stage 2 Physical Education.

In Movement, students explore physical activity by extending and applying their knowledge of movement concepts and strategies and skill learning. They investigate how the body responds to physical activity and apply biophysical and psychological knowledge to improve performance and/or participation in physical activity. The key ideas and considerations below provide a guide for learning.

Through Movement, students explore physical activity through movement concepts and strategies with a socio-cultural lens. They explore barriers and enablers to physical activity identifying how personal, social, and cultural factors affect participation. Students initiate and contribute to the development of strategies that promote equity and inclusivity through a range of theme-based games, sporting and physical activities. They reflect on the success of these strategies in building confidence and motivation, as well as the improvement in the learning environment for themselves and others. The key ideas and considerations below provide a guide for learning.

About Movement, students develop theoretical knowledge to understand the richness and diversity of movement experiences. Physical activity contexts enable individuals’ to apply their knowledge to real-life experiences to evaluate participation and performance outcomes.

Assessment at Stage 1 is school based. The following assessment types enable students to demonstrate their knowledge, understanding and learning:

  • Assessment Type 1: Improvement Analysis
  • Assessment Type 2: Physical Activity Investigation

Course content

Semester 1:

  • Energy, Fitness, Training and Physical Activity
  • Skill Acquisition and Motor Learning/Tactical Awareness

Semester 2:

  • Functional anatomy and biomechanics
  • Sport Psychology
  • Equity barriers and enablers

Practical Units conducted over the course of the year can include:

  • Athletics (selected events)
  • Team Handball
  • Squash
  • Netball (inc. 5 a-Side)
  • Badminton
  • Table Tennis
  • Touch Football
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Personal Fitness Training / Strength and Conditioning Programs
  • Officiating and Coaching courses, and more

*Practical units that are chosen are based on the class size, student’s skills and ability levels promoting success and ensuring they are ready for Stage 2 Physical Education*

Uniform Expectations

As part of Health and Physical Education lessons, students are required to wear the correct PE uniform consisting of:

  • Emmaus polo shirt
  • Emmaus shorts (Shorts need to be correct fit and not too baggy)
  • Emmaus wide brim or bucket hat
  • Running shoes or cross trainers (Skate Shoes or Dunlop Volleys are not permitted as they don’t provide appropriate support for ankles or sole of their feet)
  • Emmaus tracksuit on cooler days (Shorts and shirts need to be worn under the tracksuit so that it can be removed when students have warmed up)
  • Sports drink bottle (water only)

Students that are injured or ill are still required to be changed, as they will be incorporated into the lessons where possible (i.e. umpiring, coaching, statistician, video recorder, etc.). A note from parents / caregivers or specialist is appreciated outlining your child’s injuries and possible timeframe that they may be inactive for during practical lessons.