Year 11 – Pre-Mathematical Methods

Level: Stage 1
Subject Name: Pre-Mathematical Methods
Prerequisites: Year 10 Mathematics
Assumed Knowledge: Year 10 Mathematics at an “B” grade level

Course Summary:

Stage 1 Mathematics provides the foundation for further study in mathematics in Stage 2 Mathematical Methods.

Mathematical Methods can lead to tertiary studies of, for example, economics, computer sciences, and the sciences. It prepares students for courses and careers that may involve the use of statistics, such as health or social sciences.

Students who complete 10 credits of this subject with a C grade or better will meet the numeracy requirement of the SACE.

Course content:

Semester 1:

  • Topic 1: Functions and Graphs
  • Topic 2: Polynomials
  • Topic 3: Trigonometry

Semester 2:

  • Topic 4: Counting and Statistics
  • Topic 5: Growth and Decay
  • Topic 6: Introduction to Differential Calculus


  • Three Tests each Semester; one on each topic
  • One Investigation each Semester
  • One Exam each Semester