Year 11 Subjects – French

Level: Year 11
Prerequisites: Year 10 French
Assumed knowledge: Year 10 French

Course Summary:

By the end of Year 11, students use written and spoken French to communicate about their own experiences as well as discuss broader social and cultural ideas. They explore more deeply the ways that French culture and language are interconnected, looking at how this has affected specific aspects of French identity and history. Students reflect on the power they have in the world to bring positive change through intercultural understanding.

Course Content:

Interactions will include:

  • Learning about childhood in France and reminiscing about activities you used to do as a child
  • Discussing issues to do with protecting the environment in France
  • Exploring social justice and charitable organisations in France
  • Engaging with cultural foods and their links to regional identities
  • Hypothesising about what might happen in the possible future
  • Discovering the significance of specific locations and landmarks in France
  • Investigating particular styles of French art and the artists who developed them
  • Using a variety of French tenses and grammatical structures in context


This will consist of:

  • Vocabulary and grammar tests and exams
  • Assessment Type 1: Interaction (oral conversation assessments)
  • Assessment Type 2: Text Production - blog posts, letters, presentations, journal entries, conversation skits.
  • Assessment Type 3: Text Analysis - Film, news article, short stories, interviews, poems.
  • Assessment Type 4: Investigation - Research topics, text productions and reflections in English.