Year 11 Subjects – Digital Technologies

Level: Stage 1
Subject Name: Digital Technologies
Prerequisites: Nil
Assumed Knowledge: 10 Digital Technologies

Course Summary:

Stage 1 Digital Technologies can be studied as a 10-credit subject. Students investigate existing digital technology systems to discover their nature and components. They develop a range of information technology skills and techniques while creating their own systems that can be tested and evaluated. They develop and apply specialised skills and techniques in the use of software in a number of information technology areas.

Course content:

Stage 1 Digital Technologies is organised into the following three topics:

  • Topic 1: Programming (Revision)
  • Topic 2: Advanced Programming
  • Topic 3: Data Analytics


Assessment at Stage 1 is school-based. Students demonstrate evidence of their through the following assessment types:

  • Project Skills - Advanced Programming (Individual) (20%)
  • Project Skills - Advanced Programming and Data Analytics (Individual) (20%)
  • Digital Solutions - Creating a solution with an API or Database (Individual) (40%)
  • Project Skills - Microcontroller Programming (Collaborative) (20%)