Year 11 Subjects – Digital Technologies

Level: Stage 1
Subject Name: Digital Technologies
Prerequisites: Nil
Assumed Knowledge: Year 9 STEM (Digital Technologies), Year 10 Digital Technologies advantageous but not essential

Course Summary:

Stage 1 Digital Technologies is a 10 credit subject. Students create practical, innovative solutions to problems of interest. By extracting, interpreting, and modeling real-world data sets, students identify trends to examine sustainable solutions to problems in, for example, business, industry, the environment and the community. They investigate how potential solutions are influenced by current and projected social, economic, environmental, scientific, and ethical considerations, including relevance, originality, appropriateness, and sustainability.

Course content:

Stage 1 Digital Technologies is organised into the following three topics:

  • Topic 1: Programming (Revision)
  • Topic 2: Advanced Programming
  • Topic 3: Data Analytics


Assessment at Stage 1 is school-based. Students demonstrate evidence of their through the following assessment types:

  • Three Project Skills - Advanced Programming (Individual) (60%)

  • One Digital Solution - Advanced Programming or Data Analytics (40%)