Year 11 Subjects – Business Innovation

Level: Stage 1
Subject Name: Business and Enterprise
Prerequisites: None
Assumed knowledge: None

Course Summary

This is a 10 credit subject with a variety of tasks are provided to meet the needs of the students and provide opportunities for the range of learning styles.

At Stage 1, students begin to develop the knowledge, skills, and understandings to engage in business contexts in the modern world. They consider the opportunities and challenges associated with start-up and existing businesses and consider how digital and emerging technologies may present opportunities to enhance business models and analyse the responsibilities and impact of proposed business models on global and local communities.

Course content

Stage 1 Business Innovation is a 10-credit subject and is studied through two contexts: start-up business and existing business.

Through these contexts, students develop and apply their understanding of the following learning strands:

  • finding and solving problems
  • financial awareness and decision-making
  • business information and communication
  • global, local, and digital connections.


For a 10-credit subject, students should provide evidence of their learning through four assessments. Each assessment type should have a weighting of at least 20%. Students undertake:

  • three business skills tasks, one of which is a business model summary
  • one business pitch.