Year 10 Subjects – Electronics & Computer Aided Manufacturing (10 eCAM)

Level: Year 10
Prerequisites: nil
Assumed knowledge: 8 Design & Technology or 9 eCAM

Course Summary

This subject aims to develop students’ practical skills in Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM), Analogue and Digital Electronics (microcontrollers) and Robotic Systems. Students also develop Project Management skills through Design and Realisation processes.

Electronics and Computer Aided Manufacturing (eCAM) was a new Year 10 subject in 2021; Students who have completed the course could continue undertaking the following pathways within the SACE framework at Emmaus:

  • 11 eCAM (Industrial & Entrepreneurial Solutions)

For more information, about these new pathways, please visit:

Course Content:

  • Computer Aided Design/Manufacturing (CAD Assembly and Presentation)
  • Soldering on PCB
  • Intermediate Digital & Analogue Electronics
  • Electromechanical Systems


  • Specialised Skill Tasks
  • Major Project (Design Process and Evaluation)
  • Resource Study (Component Comparison/Analysis)

Possible Future Pathways: