Year 10 Subjects – Digital Technologies

Level: Year 10
Prerequisites: nil
Assumed knowledge: Year 9 computing

Course Summary

Students develop computational thinking and design skills using a website programming language. Students learn the process of conceptualising and developing, testing and validating a website project of their choice, which may be a specialised calculator, or a game of their choice. Students learn various techniques of data analysis, such as acquiring, organising, processing, presenting and referencing in order to produce meaningful information.

Course Content

  • Basic Website Design and Layout (Hyper-Text Mark-up Language)
  • Website Programming (JavaScript)
  • Data Analysis (Spreadsheet – Pivot Table)
  • Microcontroller Programming (Arduino Processing)


  • Three Practical Skill Tasks (50%)
  • Homework Tasks and Quizzes (10%)
  • Digital Solution Project (40%)