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19 September 2018

Sports and Physical Education Update

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  • From the PE and Health Coordinator

Recognition of our Year 12 Students

As the end of Term 3 nears, and a busy Term 4 approaches for Primary students, it is a great time to reflect on current Year 12 students who have been significant contributors to our College sporting teams over a long period of time. As these students near the end of their studies it has been a privilege to see some of these young men and women demonstrate their skills and abilities in their preferred sporting pursuits. Some of these students have been an integral part of assisting to coach younger teams, organise their peers and hold extra training sessions to prepare for carnivals.

The passion and skills that these students demonstrate will hopefully be maintained and feel that they can continue to be of benefit to others once they have left school. Their time as part of the Emmaus sporting community does not have to come to an end. The students that complete their studies this year will hopefully have a passion and desire to return to Emmaus and continue to be involved in Christian sport as role models to younger individuals. The sense of community at Emmaus does not cease after students have completed their studies, there are always opportunities here.

Term 4 Events

SACSA Volleyball

Term 4 Emmaus will have Year 8/9 and Open boys and girls Volleyball teams compete in the SACSA Volleyball Carnivals for the first time. Thank you to Heather Edwards for her passion to organise and run these teams. We hope that this experience for students will further develop an interest in this sport.

The annual Primary Netball and Basketball will also be held next term and we wish all students and coaches involved with Term 4 sporting teams all the best for team success and enjoyment.

Running Club

will recommence next term on Tuesday 23rd October (Week 2), 7.30am at the College starting inside the gym. Please ensure you arrive on time so that we can make the most of the beautiful weather that we will have next term and for travelling off campus.

Student achievements

  • Nathaniel (Year 11) has been selected in the State Under 17 Male Netball team and will competing in a National carnival later this year.
  • Jack (Year 4) recently competed in the SAPSASA Under 12 State Male Golf Championships and finished third overall and received a bronze medallion. His performances have seen him be selected as one of eight boys to represent the State in Geelong in November this year.
  • Well done to Caleb (Year 4), Liam (Year 4), Jack (Year 4), Jessica (Year 3) and Samantha (Year 4) who were all part of the Under 10 SA Church Basketball Premiership team.

There are still a number of Emmaus students still trialing for the NCSG SACSA teams, and we hope to report on more student selections in these teams, next Term.

Daryl Porter
PE, Health and Sports Coordinator (F-12)

Running Club