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14 June 2023

See what's new at Brooklyn Park!

  • From the Head of Junior School Brooklyn Park

As our Brooklyn Park campus has continued to grow, we are blessed to launch many new classrooms and learning spaces each year. The new Library has recently been completed, and four more learning areas are almost ready for use by Term 3!

Please enjoy the video tour, as Marni Greenwood takes you inside to see our new spaces!

The new Library space has been open since the start of Term 2. It has been designed to be a bright, open, light-filled space that's warm and welcoming to students of all ages. There are spaces for whole class activities, and comfortable, inviting areas for individuals and small groups to enjoy and read.

The old Library and IT Office spaces are currently being transformed into three new spaces for our Junior School:

Art Room
A space for messy art and science activities to take place, featuring wet areas, open benches, moveable tables, and multiple storage spaces.

Learning Support
Equipped with two smaller rooms and a larger space within, allowing flexibility for SSOs working one-on-one or with small or large groups.

Wellbeing Space
We will have two, glass-fronted counselling rooms to allow for more sensitive conversations with our counsellors, as well as a flexible, large open space for wellbeing activities.

In addition, the new Music Room is on track for completion for Term 3!
Located on the ground floor north-eastern corner, the Music Room will allow our ELC - Year 6 students to enjoy music lessons in this new space. Included are custom-built, sound-proofed instrumental tuition rooms for our various music teachers.

As much as new rooms and furniture are really great to have, it is really clear to us that it is only through God's hand that any of this actually exists. It's our heart that these places are areas that our children can come, and that they can feel safe, nurtured, and loved. We pray these are spaces our children can grow in who they are, who God's created them to be, grow in their faith, and that all the glory ultimately goes back to Him.