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12 December 2021

Principal's end of year message 2021

  • From the Principal

As we approach the end of the 2021 school year with Christmas just around the corner I would like to share with you my reflections on having just reading Luke Chapter 15 (my scripture reading for today!). Firstly it strikes me that Jesus was certainly the master story teller, sharing parables conveying deep spiritual meaning through simple contextual stories which connect with readers (listeners of the day) at a deep and relevant emotional way.

Jesus’ 3 parables in Luke 15 stir up in us emotions and feelings for both the lost, and the one who has experienced the loss! A shepherd searching the countryside for one of his sheep which he fears may be in great danger. A women searching her house from top to bottom for a misplaced coin. A son who has squandered his inheritance prematurely on wild living while a father and brother at home experienced mixed emotions about the events!

All three parables however have the same conclusion – the lost is found; being met with great joy and celebration for all. Firstly it is encouraging to understand the great joy God experiences when we enter into a relationship with Him. Secondly it is encouraging to understand the limitless love God has for each and every one of us irrespective of our circumstances. It is this thought I pray you carry with you into the Christmas season ahead – “there is nothing you can do to separate you from God’s love”!

Below I share staff we are saying farewell to as we finish 2021, and a welcome to those who are joining our Emmaus family into 2022. Although I would normally not draw special attention to anyone in particular, I am sure you will agree Helen Rance’s circumstances are quite unique (and I would do the same for anyone else in this category!). We farewell Helen into retirement after 43 years of association with the College. For those of you quick with numbers you will see this takes Helen right back to 1979 when the College commenced (day zero!). Over her many years of service to the College in so many different ways we say as a community “well done good and faithful servant”. After such a long association Helen will certainly be no stranger to the College as ties will no doubt remain strong.

Farewell to:

  • Tracey Alderman (2020)
  • Jake Battersby (Contract in 2021)
  • Amy Chesser (2012)
  • Dan Fennell (Contract in 2021)
  • Kat Law (2019)
  • Ben Magor (Casual in 2021)
  • Rina Mastrogiacomo (2010)
  • Jeanette Racz (2013)
  • Helen Rance (2007)
  • Anne White (2008)
  • Angela Ducker (Maternity Leave in 2022)
  • Candice Hanchett (Maternity Leave in 2022)

Welcome to:

  • Sarah Bell - JS Learning Support Coordinator BP & SP
  • Lachlan Brockbank - JS Teacher BP
  • Jim Brown - Design & Technology Teacher 7-12
  • ShinYie Chew - ELC Childhood Teacher BP
  • Liam Grosvenor - JS Teacher BP
  • Richard Heath - JS Teacher BP
  • Amy Hein - Marketing & Admissions Assistant
  • Taylah Herrmann - Foundation Teacher SP
  • Erin James - Student Wellbeing Coofindatior 7-12
  • Kate McGee - JS Learning Support Teacher BP
  • Alex Lauder - JS Teacher BP
  • Jason Roberts - PE Assistant F-12
  • George Skouroumounis - Maths & Science Teacher 7-12
  • Sandra Were - Foundation Teacher SP

Andrew Linke