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29 May 2019

Manado Independent School Visit

  • From the Head of Senior School

On Friday 17 May, we had the pleasure of welcoming Manado Independent school to Emmaus for a short visit. Manado Independent School is a private Christian school in Indonesia which provides education from Kindergarten age (K1) to Senior High School (Grade 12). Their visit was an opportunity for our whole school to welcome and show hospitality to the staff and students of Manado. What a wonderful experience it was! Our students had the occasion to practise hospitality and create some connections with our Indonesian friends. So many people contributed to the success of the day and Emmaus students, who were buddies, exceeded expectations of what was asked of them, making the day a winner.

The students from Indonesia were in Adelaide for four days. Although their visit was complicated by visa issues for their staff, it did not stop the events that had been organised going ahead with aplomb.

The day started with a welcome assembly. Then students from our three sub schools were happy to meet up with their Manado buddies for the rest of the morning. Students saw Year 12 Drama rehearsals, sat in a variety of lessons from Year 5 to 12 classes and Senior students were also given a tour of the school. During lesson 4, creative and sporting activities were organised for our Indonesian visitors and their buddies – a true introduction to Australian culture through art, Aussie rules football, cricket and table tennis. This must have been a challenge after our visitors had eaten an amazing pavlova treat at recess made by Year 11 Food and Hospitality students.

The final event was a barbecue organised to feed all those involved in the visit. Our Chaplain, Adam Wood, excelled himself when he chose kangaroo sausages, as well as ordinary beef sausages, and chicken skewers for well over 130 people. It was a major exercise in hospitality, however, it was entertaining and welcoming for our guests in a truly Australian and Emmaus style – we do like to celebrate with food! The whole program was a genuine way to show our love for our guests and to celebrate our developing relationship. Jesus tells us in Matthew 25:40 "whatever we do for the least of people, we do for him." So, showing hospitality is celebrated as part of this attitude in the Bible and is such an important characteristic for Christians to show!

Thanks goes to all staff and students for their support with our visitors from Manado. So many stepped up and went above and beyond in being great hosts for our Indonesian visitors.

Despite our different locations and cultures, both being distinctly Christian Schools binds us together in the body of Christ.

Andrea Grear
Head of Senior School