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1 September 2021

Finally, It’s Shrek!

  • From the Head of Senior School

We did not dare think that it could happen, but it has and it was worth the wait. I have been completely astonished by the talent of our students and the time and effort they have contributed to be part of Shrek the Musical. I sat in the audience in complete awe of the quality of the performance from Middle and Senior school students and the talent of the musicians who I had to remind myself were students, not professionals, and that they are all 18 years old and under. Even more impressive is the fact that students choreographed dances, designed, animated, stage managed, built, painted, sewed, acted, sang and exercised an impressive growth mindset with their ability to rise above their disappointment in Week 1 to celebrate with a show in Week 6. These arts students oozed flexibility, accountability, autonomy, grit and professionalism. These traits will support students in the learning and workplaces far beyond the final curtain.

As we all know, that behind all of this are the staff who have contributed to the Musical in time, energy and creativity - and hope. It would not happen without them and the 8, no sorry, it was a 10 month commitment that they have made to make it all work. Our students are fortunate indeed to have an opportunity to participate in an event like this. We were privileged that families could attend and we also could watch it at home thanks to live streaming. Our community was able to laugh, dance and celebrate from the comfort of their lounge rooms. Perhaps this is the silver lining, more people had access because of the challenges COVID presented in staging this musical.

Thank you to the following teachers and staff in particular: Jess Routley, Michelle Coppins, Andrew Verco, Saxon Wilson, Esther Amoy, Bec Dal Santo, Paul Mills, Rochelle Wildman, Ange Ducker, Carolyn Adams, Robyn Butler, Tracey Medhurst and Richard Wundke. Also thank you to our instrumental staff Tiana Riemelmoser and Daniel Hill-Brown. This wonderful Emmaus community event would not happen without all of our families’ support with dropping off, collecting and supporting our students. Many families sewed costumes, helped build props, ran lines and encouraged rehearsal.

Thank you.

The musical is and was a blessing to our community and I thank God for our opportunity to show Shrek the Musical to the world.

Andrea Grear
Head of Senior School