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24 June 2020

Debating Workshops Empowering Our Year 5/6 Students

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Debating Workshops Empowering Our Year 5/6 Students

"I learned how to think critically, how to develop arguments, how to speak clearly and how to research. Everything I do - teaching, writing and advocacy - uses these skills. I learnt word economy which has been enormously valuable teaching and is much appreciated by my students." - Erwin Chemerinsky Dean of the University of California.

All students in Year 5/6 South Plympton classes have experienced a 6-week workshop experiencing the process of how to structure a debate. They have discussed how valuable Debating skills can be transferred to other areas of their lives and into their future workplaces.

Robust class discussions analysing the topic from different perspectives in society: "That Australia Day celebration should be moved."

All students were given a role in preparing for a live debate. Learning how to stand and speak in front of an audience provided an opportunity for students to polish their public speaking skills.

Some Year 5/6 students insights after the Debating workshops:

Adit: "I used to think debating was boring and tiring but now I think it is exciting and fun to do."

Aiden: "Debating can be amazing."

Emily: "It is challenging in a good way."

Chloe: "I used to think that debating was like a meeting, just talking about issues but now I think debating is arguing your point of view, hard work in researching and challenging."