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30 November 2023

Christmas Carols Night

  • Junior School News

Last Friday we celebrated our first large-scale Christmas celebration as a Junior School Community. After many last-minute changes, we are so grateful for the time we could spend together. The children were so excited to share their songs they had learned and we would like to extend a huge thank you for your flexibility and support with the evening!

As a Junior School, we really wanted to share the heart and meaning of Christmas, while having fun.

The few children who shared publicly what Christmas means to them demonstrated such courage as they spoke to hundreds of people. Their heart and love for Jesus shone through in every word, and surely touched many hearts.

The songs prepared and the jokes shared throughout the evening, the smiles on children’s faces and laughter echoing from parents are small reminders of what an incredibly special community we are a part of. It is moments like these that showcase our shared love for the Lord and serve as a reminder that it is such a privilege to worship Him together, as one united community together.

Thank You

Evenings like these never happen without the enormous work and support from teachers, students and many people who work behind the scenes. Thank you to our Foundation teachers and their students for learning extra songs and dance moves to bring some cheer and laughter.

Thank you to our amazing music teachers Mrs Nikki Meinel and Mrs Naomi Ali for putting together such an incredible set of songs for us to enjoy. For Mr Richard Wundke who set up the sound and was incredibly flexible with all the changes…carols would never happen without his help!

To our Junior School teachers for all their help setting up and supporting our students who went on to encourage all who attended through song.

For Mr Adam Wood who concluded our event with a heartfelt and thought provoking message to point us to the real reason we celebrate - Jesus!

Finally, thank you to YOU as parents and family members for your support, attendance and involvement in our Carols Night…we look forward to hosting a similar event next year!