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3 May 2024

Building Update: Extended Main Building

  • From the Executive Principal
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For those of you that may have seen what's been going on here over the holidays as well, you'll notice some changes, especially towards the west of the site. For the first 3 or 4 months of this year, there's been a lot of work with our stage one building going on below the surface. We've been digging up and putting in new electrical cables, new fire mains, and water, all of the services that are needed not just for stage one, but stage three, which would come, not too in the not too distant future either.

All the digging excavations for footings, all the reinforcing steel is all going in, and all of that stuff happened below the surface last Term.
Whereas on the last day of last term we had about 30 concrete trucks, more than that actually, come in a series throughout the whole day and filled up the whole footing. So we only reached ground level at the last day of last term.
But over the holidays, we've now started to see the two top panels happening and we can certainly see the growth above ground level now happening. If any of you that have done the building at home yourself, you'd know that you spend a lot of time, a lot of money, a lot of work going on before you even get out the ground. It's exciting when you get to that ground point.

Below you'll find there's a link to a time lapse camera set up where’ll you be able to see the whole concrete pour day, where we put 30 trucks full of concrete into the ground around all the reinforcing mesh condensed into, 20, 30 seconds. We've got that same time lapse camera set up during the whole of the build process, so later in the year, when the whole thing in all of its glory is done up, you'll be able to see it.