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2 September 2020

A message from the Deputy Principal

  • From the Deputy Principal

After a long, sometimes wet and cold winter, I am sure we are all looking forward to what spring will bring. Longer days and increasing warmth often gives an extra portion of optimism for what can be accomplished and enjoyed in any given day.

As an Independent Christian School and often in the middle of winter, you can sometimes feel like you are working in isolation from other schools, doing our best to work out the Vision and Mission that God established for our College. However, the good news is that we in fact are not working alone. The Christian School network continues to grow and thrive as we endeavour to be obedient to God’s call.

As a member of Christian Schools Australia (CSA), it is encouraging to know that there are many Christian Schools around Australia with a strong sense of purpose, investing in both the spiritual and educational development of each child. This common goal is clearly evident when we meet at our bi-annual CSA State Conference to worship God, network, share intellectual property and to encourage and enjoy fellowship together. God is clearly at work through Christian Schooling. Below is an extract from the CSA website which I find encouraging as it aligns with our purpose at Emmaus.

The purpose of Christian school education is the educational and spiritual development of
each individual child. Spiritual formation is an essential component of a Christian school
education. In a Christian school, students are taught that we all are made in the image of God, who wants us to be fulfilled in life and work, in relationship with Him, with each other, and with the world he made for us to enjoy.
The brokenness around us is ample evidence that we fall short of God’s standards. Our society bears little resemblance to the Kingdom of God. In a Christian school students are encouraged to consider the implications of the Christian gospel: that despite our shortcomings, in the death of Jesus, God has offered forgiveness and reconciliation to everyone.
The hope is that in response, students will commit their lives, in faith, to follow Jesus and empowered by the Spirit, commit to serving others and the world. Thus Christian schools aim to prepare students to live full, productive and purposeful lives, contributing to the wellbeing of their families, communities and as global citizens. Our purpose (the big ‘why’ of Christian education) is to see students find their life’s purpose in Christ.
(Extract from CSA website)

Please continue to uphold Emmaus Christian College and all Christian Schools in prayer as we undertake this important work. Providing a Christ-centred education which aims to support each student as they develop and grow in their faith in Jesus Christ. May God’s kingdom reign in our schools and all glory be to Him.

Mark Potter
Deputy Principal