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13 October 2021

A Challenge for Term 4

  • From the Head of Junior School Brooklyn Park

As the year begins to draw to a close, we have a habit of slamming our foot onto the accelerator in order to plough through the mountain of ‘end-of-year’ activities. There are camps, excursions, final learning units, assessments, reports, rehearsals, concerts, presentations, new class orientation sessions, Christmas events, the list can go on! The busyness of Term 4 can be both exciting and stressful. As we scramble to finish all the things that need to be done, we are also looking forward and thinking about next year – new classes, new friends, new teachers, new opportunities and new growth. As I have been thinking about this term and what is to come, I am feeling challenged to pause and view it a little differently.

What I love about Term 4, is the opportunity for celebration and gratitude. Term 4 is when we get to look back and reflect on accomplishments, marvel at growth and celebrate what has been achieved throughout the year. In amongst all of the busyness it can be easy to give this important action only a moment of time, but surely the celebration of success and the practice of gratitude deserve a little more?

In 1 Thessalonians 18, Paul advises that we should “give thanks in all circumstances,” and that little word ‘in’ has challenged me. We often give thanks after our circumstances, but giving thanks in our circumstances helps us to appreciate them all the more. Giving thanks while we are in, implies that we need to pause, notice and be grateful for what we can see. What other blessings might God show us when we choose to view our circumstances through the eyes of gratitude?

The challenge for Term 4 is to begin with a deliberate decision to make time for gratitude. To make time to notice the blessings, the growth and the achievements during the moments, so that the year may truly end with the sense of gratitude and celebration that it deserves.

Marni Greenwood
Head of Junior School