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13 February 2019

Welcome to Year 7!

  • From the Middle School

Welcome to Year 7!

We have had a wonderful beginning to Middle School this year with meeting many new friends and embracing an exciting and new timetable. During Home Group we have been getting to know our new class members and celebrating how our vibrant and unique diversity connects us as a class. To celebrate, we participated in a “getting to know you” activity. For part of the activity, we took a photo with someone we had connected with this year. Here are a few comments from both Year 7 Home Groups to summarise our first two weeks.

“These first couple of weeks have been exciting. One of my favourite things we did was listening to Mr Cotterell’s interesting stories about History. I was captured the entire time!” Sehreem.

“This is my first year at Emmaus. It has been so good so far and I really enjoy it. Year 7 is so interesting, there is even more homework but I am okay with that! Now that I am in Year 7 I feel so responsible!” Celine.

“The first two weeks of Middle School have been so much fun. I really enjoyed getting to know so many new students in my Home Group as well as meeting new teachers. I loved all the new lessons we have like: Science in the lab, Home Economics and French. I am looking forwards to what 2019 has in store for me.” Maansi.

“Wow, Middle School! Middle School has been so fun. My favourite parts have been going to new and exciting lessons and getting our chromebooks.” Isaac.

“One of the good things about starting Year 7 is that you get to make a lot of new friends and meet different people.” Keesha.

“It has been really fun getting to try new subjects like Home Ec and D & T” Ella.

“It has been great to meet lots of new teachers” Niki.

“I love Mr Squire’s Art. He makes the lessons really fun.” Bradley.

“Everyone is really nice.” Tom.

Felicity Leighton
Middle School Teacher