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29 January 2020

Welcome to 2020

  • From the Principal

Dear Families and Friends

I warmly welcome you back to 2020, and extend a special welcome to all our new students and families. 2020 marks a point in history for Emmaus with the commencement of our new campus at Brooklyn Park. We will commence with enrolment numbers at our South Plympton campus reaching a new record high of ~780 students, which together with the ~50 students at our new Brooklyn Park campus takes overall 2020 enrolments to 830+ students. Irrespective of enrolment numbers it is paramount at Emmaus that each and every student is individually embraced and loved acknowledging they are each made in the image of God; always remaining the Emmaus distinction.

During our staff commencement week we reflected on being a community of peace, grace, and humility with a focus on Jesus’ teachings in Matthew 5: 43-48 (included above). I ask for you to join with us in 2020 as we seek to be peacemakers within our communities. In my Christmas Newsletter address I shared a photo of our new 2020 Brooklyn Park Foundation to Yr 2 students, families, and staff taken at their December 2019 transition day. On Friday 10 January 2020 we hosted the parallel ELC (Early Learning Centre) transition day.

2020 ELC Inaugural Orientation Day

For consistency and historical accuracy I include this photo of the inaugural 2020 ELC students, families, and staff too. Collectively these two photos are our Brooklyn Park campus ‘pioneers’! Although different physical locations we are one single College and one family.

2019 ended with our Year 12 students once again achieving results as impressive as our regular NAPLAN results at Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 for numeracy and literacy, which saw Emmaus students perform 8.5 per cent above state averages. This represents an average advancement of over 16 months ahead compared to their same age average state counterparts. In 2019 100% of all eligible Emmaus Year 12 students achieved their SACE with 100% of all Stage 2 SACE subjects undertaken receiving a passing grade minimum. 40% of all Stage 2 SACE subjects undertaken by Emmaus students in 2019 were awarded A grades or higher compared with only 28% across the state. 2019 also saw Emmaus students awarded 17A+ individual SACE subject grades representing the highest possible subject grade. This represents the highest number of A+ Stage 2 SACE subject grades attained in any one year of the 40 year history of the College! Over half of all Emmaus 2019 student ATAR’s are ranked within the top 20% of the state with the highest 2019 ATAR an impressive 98.4.

It was with great sadness I shared with you during the holidays, news of the tragic passing of Erin McLennan who had just completed her Year 12 studies at Emmaus in 2019. Emmaus staff and students on mass supported Erin’s family and friends at her funeral on Monday 13 January at Seeds Uniting Church. This was a challenging time for all, but also a time where we could collectively celebrate Erin’s life. With the blessings of Erin’s parents Alan and Kathryn, Emmaus will be hosting a memorial service for Erin in the College Performing Arts Centre on Thursday 30 January commencing at 4pm. This will be an opportunity for those close to Erin through an association with the College who were unable to attend her funeral to remember, reflect, and pay their respects. The College is also in dialogue with Kathryn and Alan about other ways of memorialising Erin’s memory in association with the College into the future.


Andrew Linke