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27 February 2019

The Importance of Solid Foundation - Christ our Cornerstone

  • From the Head of Junior School

At the end of this year my husband, Kingsley and I will have been married for 30 years. Over the course of that time we have renovated and/or repaired four houses – three of them were between 50 and 100 years old. During that time we were also involved in establishing a brand new Christian school – a school that began from bare dirt. I still remember my first Year 6 PE Cricket lesson in Term 1 of the opening year: I had two cricket bats and 16 tennis balls to use as I taught under and overarm bowling! Wow, to see the miracle of God’s hand unfold as the school grew to nearly three hundred children in less than five years!

Kingsley and my experiences in renovating have taught us how important it is to get the foundational work right, to remove the old, to retain and honour the good, to ensure the flooring is good, the wiring behind the walls is carefully planned and installed for ease of use, and to get good tradies!

And so I find myself again, in God’s journey and calling in life, assisting in the vision of renovations to another building. This time a big building for another new school. What a privilege it was to walk around the new Brooklyn Park site last Wednesday with our Business Manger Ben Raw, and IT guru Matt Starczak. Ben is doing an absolutely outstanding job as the Brooklyn Park Project Manager overseeing every detail through lists and schedules. Please pray for him during this time.

The task on Wednesday was to confirm power and data point locations, digital screen placement, student locker and storage cupboard placement, iPad docking station placements etc. Yes! The dream is becoming a reality and it is all happening!

I have had my first enrolment interviews for Brooklyn Park and the first students have already accepted positions in the new school!

The student consulted sketches for new nature playground areas that I wrote about in Week 3, Term 4 last year, have turned into the first architectural plans of reality for our F-6 Nature Playground area – see the pictures below. We are in the process of transforming a quadrangle and worksite into state of the art learning spaces!

Christ is the cornerstone and we build on solid rock.

We respond to God’s grace in our lives by walking through the doors that He opens and serving in response to His calling on our lives. When we surrender our plans to Him, we become witness to miracle after miracle. Brooklyn Park is God’s school. Let us watch it grow in anticipation of God’s plans and see what He does with it!

Helen Vonow
Head of Junior School