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5 December 2018

Journeys… Transition and Change

  • From the Middle School

Journeys… Transition and Change

We all have change in our lives. It is inevitable.

Change has the possibility to grow us or to shrink us.

This evening the Rite Journey Year 9 classes are holding their Homecoming ceremonies.

This is an exciting time to pause and acknowledge the changes that have occurred in these young people throughout their lives, but especially during this year. Each individual student will reflect, speak and share about what was significant and important to them as they continue the transition of moving from childhood to adulthood.

I too was reflecting on the many changes that have occurred here in the College in the last 21 years that I have been on staff. As I move to Pilgrim School next year, I am aware that, who I am has been shaped and changed by many amazing people here in this College community. Young people, families and staff have all had a mighty influence and impact and I am richer because of the time and opportunities I have had in being a part of such an amazing community.

Please pray for our Rite Journey students as they celebrate this evening together with their families and significant people in their life. May it be an opportunity for gratitude and gratefulness that buries deep within their spirit and influences their future.

God Bless

Andrew Edmondson
Head of Middle School

Year 9 Homecoming Ceremony 2018